A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is an organization that is not controlled by a centralized entity, but rather by its constituent members according to a transparent set of rules maintained on the blockchain.

In short, a DAO is a community-driven organization.

The goal of the Blockstars DAO is to enable the community to ultimately drive decision-making, the development roadmap and the deployment of the DAO treasury through informed & equitable votes based on a shared & transparent set of criteria.

The road to becoming a fully decentralized organization does not get built overnight, with the time taken to becoming one determined by how quickly and how widely the $ROC governance token is adopted. This in turn will largely (but not entirely) be determined by the success of the Blockstars game. In the meantime, and especially in the early stages of the ecosystem's development, the Blockstars development team will retain majority decision-making authority to determine the early roadmap.

Governance Token

The Blockstars DAO governance token is $ROC. A % (exact number TBD) of all $ROC based transactions will be reserved for the DAO treasury, in order to fund its activities.


Membership of the DAO is granted to holders of $ROC on a pro rata basis. We are exploring additional paths to membership, including for holders of Blockstars, Record Labels and / or other in-game NFTs.


Taking key votes will require a 66% majority of DAO members (subject to quorum) to vote in favor of it.

Taking minor votes will require a simple 50% majority of DAO members (subject to quorum) to vote in favor of it.

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