Band Requirements

Number of Bands

Each player can manage one band per sub-genre (e.g. Dance - Dubstep, or Pop - Pop Rock) at a time. Players can form one band in a single 24-hour period, either by purchasing or trading for Blockstars from a marketplace, or from connecting a wallet containing owned Blockstars. Players must then wait until the following day to form the next band (in a different genre), even if they already own sufficient Blockstars to do so.

With the introduction of Record Labels players will be able to increase the number of bands that they can manage.

Band Members & Musical Skills

Each Band has a minimum number of members and a maximum number of members, and a set number of Musical Skills that the band members need to collectively possess.

The minimum number of band members and Musical Skills for each type of band ranges from just a single Blockstar with a single Musical Skill all the way to a minimum of 4 Blockstars possessing 8 Musical Skills. The maximum number of Blockstars in a band is 8.

Because Blockstars can possess up to 3 Musical Skills each, it is possible to fill multiple Musical Skill requirements of a band with a single Blockstar. Taking the example of the Classical Orchestra, it requires a minimum of 4 band members, a maximum of 8, possessing a total of 8 Musical Skills (Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Oboe, French Horn, Timpani and Cymbal) - while rare, it would not be surprising to find a single Blockstar able to play the Violin, Viola and Cello (since all 3 are in the String family), and similarly for the Oboe and Flute (both in the Woodwind family).

In this way, players can not only make the best use of their Blockstars' Musical Skills, but also gain valuable gameplay boosts - the more of a Blockstar's Musical Skills are utilized in a band, the bigger the boosts will be. While it would be totally fine to put a multi-talented Blockstar in a band utilizing just one of their Musical Skills, that Blockstar's maximum Potential can only be achieved in a band utilizing all of its Musical Skills.

Some Musical Skills can be used as substitutes for others (for example, a Viola could substitute for a Violin), but they may not perform as well. However, a player with a Blockstar that is highly skilled at the substitute instrument might actually be able to put together a stronger band overall than if they used the primary instrument in which their Blockstars are less skilled.

Large Bands vs Small Bands

The game is designed from the ground up to encourage a variety of gameplay styles. For example, it is possible to be successful with both single-Blockstar bands with just a single, common, Musical Skill, as well as with large bands, with the maximum 8 band members across a range of rare Musical Skills.

A single-Blockstar band means a player can get going with just a single band member who does everything, and is probably cheaper from a Minimum Wage standpoint than a multi-Blockstar band.

A multi-Blockstar band allows for increased specialization & parallelization of tasks, where the Blockstar with the highest Songwriting skill is in the studio writing tracks, while the Blockstar with the highest Promotion skill is out on the talkshow circuit promoting the latest Single.

A band requiring many Musical Skills that are all handled by multi-talented Blockstars means that a player has to collect rare Blockstars, but then gets a gameplay boost from those Blockstars living up to their musical potential.

How to play the game and succeed is up to the player - and a successful strategy might involve experimenting with multiple bands of varying Musical Skills and sizes, each pursuing a different strategy.

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