Abilities & Attributes

Each Blockstar is minted with a particular Ability level across a number of Attributes and each Blockstar has a maximum Potential across each of these Attributes. Most Attributes are visible, but some are Hidden, and can only be discovered through gameplay, or inferred from in-game notifications & actions.

Blockstars can grow their attributes through Practice, by taking certain in-game actions and through gameplay.

Current Ability

Overall Current Ability (where each attribute is on a scale of 1 - 100) is simplified down to a single star rating from 0.5 stars to 5.0 stars in the game's user interface, allowing for an at-a-glance view of how "good" that Blockstar is at that moment in time.

Potential Ability

Overall Potential Ability is also represented as a star rating - however, the further away from its Potential Ability a Blockstar is, the bigger the range in the Potential Ability star rating.

For example, a Blockstar that is currently a 0.5 star n00b with very low Current Ability, but high Potential Ability, will show 0.5 stars as the Current Ability, but might show 3.0 - 5.0 stars as the range of its Potential Ability. Then, as the Blockstar levels up its skills and gets closer and closer to its Potential Ability, that star rating range will start to narrow.


Visible Attributes can be improved by player actions, either through explicitly Practicing them or through gameplay.

Hidden Attributes have an impact on gameplay, but cannot be improved by the player. They are part of the Blockstar's personality and initially unknown, but they can be inferred through gameplay and in-game notifications.

Visible Attributes

Hidden Attributes

Musical Skills (max 3)











Social Media



Blockstars, just like human beings, have moods. Blockstars can be happy or sad, bored or excited, energetic or lethargic, and more - and each mood is useful in different contexts. For example, a sad Blockstar getting over a tough breakup might be in the perfect mood to go and write that amazing tear jerker of a hit song by themselves, especially if that Blockstar's Preferred Tempo is Slow. Or it might be the perfect moment to go Gigging if all of a band's members are feeling Energetic at the same time. And when a Blockstar starts to feel Bored, that might be a signal that it is time to stop Practicing.

Pay attention to the little things - the in-game notification system will tell players when certain Blockstars are happy or unhappy, whether they're getting along with another Blockstar in their band or not, whether they start to get bored when Practicing for extended periods of time, and so on.

These notifications are a window into the psyche of the Blockstars, and are a crucial guide to who that Blockstar really is, above and beyond the Visible Attributes.

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