The music industry is a tough business, not everyone who embarks on the journey is gonna make it.

Players with Blockstars that aren't a great fit for their bands or gameplay strategy can fire them.

When a Blockstar is fired, they are burned from the blockchain, and they go back to their “normie” life. Their dreams of music stardom may be over, but their regular life is just getting back on track (and who knows, maybe they’ll still have a role to play in the industry in the future…👀).

The player also gets to benefit from everything that the fired Blockstar has learned during their career, however short it may have been, in the music industry:

  1. Transfer Knowledge. Players can transfer all the XP that the fired Blockstar has accumulated (both base XP, and earned XP) to one of their other Blockstars. The higher the current star rating of the fired Blockstar, the more XP it has to give. This allows the player's other Blockstars to benefit by leveling up faster.

  2. Learn New Musical Skill. If the fired Blockstar has a primary Musical Skill that the recipient Blockstar does not have (and the recipient Blockstar has either a secondary or tertiary Musical Skill slot available) then the fired Blockstar can teach the recipient Blockstar that Musical Skill. This enables multi-skilled Blockstars to fulfill the musical requirements of multiple individual Blockstars in a band.

  3. Earn New Blockstar. The player gets a new (and a chance at a more rare / skilled) Blockstar from the next collection. This is delivered in the form of an “IOU NFT”, which will be tradable on the secondary markets as well. The NFT will reflect its rarity “bucket,” so you can make better decisions around whether to list it for sale, or hang on to it for gameplay purposes when the next collection is minted & revealed.

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