Once added to a Band, each Blockstar expects to be paid a Minimum Wage, and each Band expects to take a % Cut of that Band's total earnings. Each Blockstar's Minimum Wage, and the Band's % Cut, are determined by the Current Ability of the Blockstars when they were minted. In other words, every Blockstar's financial contract is part of its DNA, and set in stone in the smart contract.

So, the more skilled a Blockstar is on its minting date, the higher its Minimum Wage and % Cut demands are going to be - even if that Blockstar is already operating at full potential. Conversely, a Blockstar that is low-skilled upon minting, but then grows into a megastar because of its high potential, will only ever take the Minimum Wage and % Cut that they warranted on their minting date, when still breaking into the industry.

The variety in types of Blockstars enables a variety of different gameplay styles.

Put together high-skilled Blockstar bands to churn out hit singles, but pay out a big % of the earnings?

Or focus on low-skilled, but high Potential Blockstars, and train them up over time while paying a much smaller % cut?

Player's choice, there's no right or wrong play style!

A Blockstar's Minimum Wage must be paid out whenever a Blockstar takes an action that incurs a cost. The action will always be initiated by the player (i.e. the game will not and indeed cannot initiate an action that costs $ROL), and the $ROL transaction must be explicitly approved by the player before being recorded on the blockchain. If a player decides to end an action (e.g. a Practicing session) early, the Blockstar will earn partial credit towards the activity (e.g. pro-rated XP in the case of an aborted Practicing session) but will not be refunded the $ROL.

The Minimum Wage per Band is the sum of the individual Blockstars' Minimum Wages. Once a Band is earning from their musical activities (from Gigging, Singles or Album sales), the amount to be paid out per Band is the higher of the sum of the Minimum Wages or the % Cut of the Band.

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