Concert Venues

Concert Venues can either be game-owned, or player-owned. Player-owned Concert Venues are NFTs that can be upgraded from from level 1 to level 10.

Game-Owned venues

Especially early on in the game, players will need to / want to lean on generic game-owned venues to go Gigging. Each game-owned venue is unspecialized to any particular genre of music, and will inherently earn less income than a player-owned venue. However, the benefit of performing at a game-owned venue is that the rent is likely to be cheaper than for a player-owned venue, and allows for the player to experiment in order to figure out how good their bands really are, and how strong their Chemistry really is. Blockstars also earn Fame from going Gigging.

Player-Owned Venues

If a venue is player-owned then that player gets to set their own rent, decide on a specialization (e.g. a player-owned venue could specialize in Classical music) and offer extra incentives to bands. For example, a player-owned venue could offer an incentive to bands for concert tours lasting multiple days, in the form of bonuses for sold-out concerts - or offering to eat the losses for unsold seats.

Rent paid in $ROL at player-owned venues is paid out in full to the venue owner, who then pays tax on the income as an anti-inflationary measure.

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