Once a song is written, it needs to be recorded. This phase requires the entire band to be in the studio at the same time, so players need to ensure a band's individual members are all available simultaneously and are not performing any other activities.
Songs are recorded in either Game-Owned Studios, in which players must pay a fee to use the facilities (the fee primarily depends on the level of the studio - the higher the level, the more expensive it is, but the better the facilities are) or in Player-Owned Studios. Player-Owned Studios are associated with Record Labels, and are only available to bands signed to that label. These studios are "free" to use - but will incur an additional % Cut of earnings to the Record Label owner.

Game-Owned Studios

Just like with Concert Venues, bands can record their songs in commercial-grade Game-Owned Studios. These studios are generic, and they incur a fee to use (the fee depends on the level of the studio). However, there are no strings attached and they do not take an additional % Cut of the song's / album's / band's income.
Studio Name
Daily Cost ($ROL)

Player-Owned Studios

Player-Owned Studios are associated with Record Labels, all of which are player-owned. These studios are "free" to use by bands that are signed to that Record Label - however, they will typically have an additional % Cut of the song's, album's or even the band's overall income payable to that Record Label owner (these terms are negotiated between the players).
Player-Owned Studios attached to Record Labels also have levels, but upgrading the studio is the responsibility of the label's owner. And unlike Game-Owned Studios, bands signed to a label can't choose a level beyond what the owner has upgraded the studio to at that moment in time.
Player-Owned Studios can also be specialized, in order to provide additional benefits to bands in certain Genres.
The % Cut paid to Record Label owners in $ROL is paid out in full to the owner, who then pays tax on the income as an anti-inflationary measure.
Players can choose to have their bands remain independent, and use just Game-Owned Studios and Concert Venues in order to maximize the % of earnings they keep - but they'll have to pay the facility fees each time they want to record a song or album, they will be responsible for all their own Promotion, and they won't be able to take advantage of any specialized facilities of the studio.
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