Marketplace & Trading

All in-game assets, including Blockstars, Limited Edition Items and Record Labels can be sold on the Blockstars marketplace, as well as any other third-party Solana-based NFT marketplace such as Magic Eden, Solanart, DigitalEyes, Solsea, Metaplex and FTX's NFT marketplace (with new ones popping up all the time).

Every player owns their NFTs, and each in-game asset has been designed from the ground up to be portable across the metaverse. Each Blockstar will come with its own .fbx file(s), so that players can animate them if they so choose, and play with them anywhere in the metaverse. If players wish to use their Blockstars as avatars in another interoperable NFT-based world, then they should feel free to do so!

Gameplay, also, has been designed from the ground up to gracefully support transfers of each of the in-game assets to someone else, or out of the game entirely - so, for example, if one player sells their Record Label with a dozen or more bands signed to it to another player, then the game is designed to handle that scenario elegantly, with the new owner assuming the contractual obligations of the previous owner, at least until agreements are renegotiated.

Marketplace Actions

All in-game assets are subject to the following actions:

  1. Place an asset for sale at a fixed price, for an unlimited period of time.

  2. Buy an asset that is placed for sale at a fixed price.

    • The asset will be automatically transferred to the wallet of the user who pays the preset price.

  3. Place an asset for sale as an auction, with a minimum starting price, a reserve price and a limited time.

  4. Bid for an asset at auction.

    • When the auction time expires, the asset will be automatically transferred to the wallet of the user who has made the highest bid - as long as the reserve price has been met.

  5. Make an unsolicited offer on another player's unlisted assets.

  6. Accept, reject or ignore any unsolicited offers made on your assets.

    • If an offer is accepted, the asset will automatically be transferred to the wallet of the purchasing player.

All assets in the in-game marketplace are represented in $ROC, $SOL and USD, and all transactions are carried out over the Solana network.

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