Our Pledge

The Blockstars team is deeply committed to delivering on the vision set out in this whitepaper - but game development is hard, and blockchain technology is still in its infancy, so some things might change.

Our goal with this whitepaper is to present to the world our vision for what can be, in as much detail as possible, to demonstrate the level of thought, diligence and commitment to the Blockstars vision as we can. But things move fast in the blockchain world, and certain things are still unknowable.

We pledge to be 100% transparent if anything on the roadmap changes, and we pledge to explain our reasoning for why something has changed. We pledge to live true to our personal & professional values that have guided us throughout our lives and our careers across so many top-tier companies. We voluntarily and proactively doxx ourselves (and our investors), and if there is ever any doubt in anyone's mind as to our intentions, we encourage you to reach out and contact us directly.


Founder & CEO: niko [at] blockstars [dot] gg

Founder & CTO: cory [at] blockstars [dot] gg

Chief Product Officer: sherrie [at] blockstars [dot] gg

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