Trading on Raydium

$ROL has been trading on the Raydium decentralized exchange (DEX) since April 2022.

Blockstars partner and top gaming guild Merit Circle DAO set up the liquidity pool (LP), offering a $ROL for $SOL swap.

Holders of $ROL can now add to the LP (by providing liquidity on both the $SOL side and the $ROL side), purchase $ROL directly for $SOL at a floating, market-set price, or cash out some of their $ROL in exchange for $SOL — trading on an exchange is of course one of the major steps towards establishing a thriving “Play-and-Earn” game with a robust economy.

Additional swaps may be provided in the future, most likely for $USDC and of course for $ROC.

Link to provide liquidity to the Raydium pool

Link to swap $SOL for $ROL

Link to Birdeye technical analysis for $ROL

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